Jose Bautista Ends 2017 With the Worst Batting Average in Toronto Blue Jays History BAHAHAHA

I’ve made it very clear that I hate the Toronto Blue Jays so this season was a huge win for me. Whether the Yankees win or lose their Wildcard play-in game, the season will be a success because the Blue Jays were absolute garbage and these asshole players are having their worst career years and won’t be returning to Toronto so allow me to enjoy hating Jose Bautista for the last time.

.207?!? BAHAHAAHA.

Jose Bautista almost wasn’t signed at the beginning of the season and it’s obvious to see why. He has run out of juice. I mean that both literally and metaphorically but mostly literally as Bautista so clearly juiced up at some point. He also broke the Blue Jays single season strike out record.

With his career in Toronto very much done, I wouldn’t be shocked if this was his last season in the Majors. Should I feel bad about how happy I feel about another man losing his job? Who cares? I don’t. I’m ecstatic. Bautista is a bitch.

SEEE YAAAA Jose Baustista.





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