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Jonathan Stewart is the Worst Running Back in the NFL

In the 2018 NFL preseason, Jonathan Stewart has 10 carries for -5 yards in 3 games. That stinks. I don’t want to hear about the bad Giants offensive line anymore after signing Nate Solder to a record contract and drafting Willie Hernandez in the early second round. There aren’t 5 Ereck Flowers’s out there anymore.

10 carries for -5 yards is bad bad not good.

Jonathan Stewart is a 31-year old running back who spent the first decade of his career with the Carolina Panthers. Historically, running backs fall off a cliff production wise once they hit their 30’s which is even worse for Stewart, considering he was never that explosive of a running back to begin with. He’s clearly lost a step and I don’t remember him ever really having a step.

During this week’s preseason game against the New York Jets, Eli Manning was out there slinging the ball like it was 2007 again. Hitting open receiver after open receiver and marching the Giants offense up and down the field. And then Jonathan Stewart touched the ball once and lost a fumble in the redzone.

Here’s what New York Giants head coach, Pat Shurmur, had to say about Jonathan Stewart:

“He’s a veteran player and he’s played really well for a lot of seasons. There’s always a reason why things don’t go well. If you just look at the raw production, and say ‘oh my goodness,’ but we just have to take it for what it is. I know he can play football and play at a high level, and we are just counting on that,”


I respect the positivity or whatever but the idea that you ride with a player because of what they’ve done in the past simply does not work in a sport where every time you take a hit you lose value. There are 53 players on an NFL roster.

Stewart is the 11th highest paid player on the Giants. He is without a doubt the worst player. Seems like Shurmur knows that Stewart is going to be on this team regardless due to his stupid contract so expect weekly comments about how they know Stewart will play better next time.

Spoiler: He’ll never play better next time.

If the New York Giants are going to win a Super Bowl this season, it’s going to from Saquon Barkley running the ball 40 times a day and Jonathan Stewart on the sidelines squeezing water bottles into Barkley’s face.



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