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Guy Lies About His Grandmother Having a Stroke So The Cops Could Give Him a Free Ride To Hooters

A Florida man has been arrested for misusing 911 after he tricked officers into giving him a ride to a local Hooters restaurant.

The Associated Press reports Jonathan Hinkle, 28, wanted to go to the restaurant so badly that he told 911 operators his grandmother had a stroke in the Hooters parking lot. Officers spent three hours looking for the grandmother, and when they finally found her, they discovered she didn’t need medical attention.



This seems kind of messed up but look, this probably happened on the night on the NBA Finals and I bet Hooters had a dope wing deal. You cannot knock the hustle here. My boy Jonathan Hickle found a way to get to the locals Hooters.

The cops shouldn’t arrest him. They should take him in as inside man to help prevent further crimes of this nature like when the Catch Me If You Can guy1 got recruited by the FBI to help spot fake checks.

Honestly, I think we should all take a sigh of relief that his grandmother didn’t have a stroke in the Hooters parking lot. That would’ve really put a damper on everyone’s night. Isn’t it the worst when you’re trying to chugs beers and wait for push up bras to pop and all of a sudden there’s a grandmother dying next to your hummer? Worst weeknight ever.



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  1. You know, Christopher Walken’s son.

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