Jon Gruden Ruined Aaron Rodgers’s Life

It is impossible to not constantly remind myself that Jon Gruden gave away Khalil Mack because he wanted a contract extension. Gruden sent Mack to the Chicago Bears and turned an 8-8 team into the best team in the NFC North and absolute Aaron Rodgers wreckers.

The Bears defeated the Packers 24-17 on Sunday thus eliminating Green Bay from the postseason. Khalil Mack had 2.5 sacks.

In week 1, Aaron Rodgers had to leave the game with a knee injury because of Khalil Mack and then his backup, DeShone Kizer got devoured.

Khalil Mack had a strip sack followed by an interception. He was so dominant that Aaron Rodgers had to limp back out there because Mack might have literally murdered Kizer if he stayed out there.

Actually, now thank I think about it more, Jon Gruden 1000% did this on purpose. He signed a 10-year deal with Oakland and the first move he decided to make was to kill Aaron Rodgers. Gruden is an asshole. This makes perfect sense.

We’re all mocking the moves he made and how bad this team looks but it’s all about of the master plan. He robbed Dallas of a first round pick by trading them a wide receiver that Dak Prescott isn’t even good enough to use properly.

He tanked the 2018 season so he can draft Derek Carr’s replacement this summer and again, he ruined Aaron Rodgers. He saw the biggest guy in the prison yard and punched him right in the nose. And got a first round draft pick for it.

Aaron Rodgers is dead. Jon Gruden killed him.

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