Jon Gruden Wants Nathan Peterman Because Of Course Jon Gruden Wants Nathan Peterman

If you were like me, afraid that Nathan Peterman’s tenure as an NFL superstar was coming to an end, you need not worry any longer. A hero has emerged to potentially give Nate Pete a second chance. 

Enter Jon Gruden.

Nathan Peterman has 3 career touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His quarterback rating is 32.5. In his last career start, the Buffalo Bills lost 9-41 to the Chicago Bears. He threw 3 interceptions and was so awful that the Bills replaced him with Matt Barkley, who was unemployed watching football Sunday at the bar prior to being signed.

 He’s bad at football, is the point I’m making here.

There are only two reasons why Gruden would want to bring him into the Raiders organizations. Either 1. Gruden’s ego is so massive that he thinks he can transform Peterman into a championship quarterback like he did with Brad Johnson who was the textbook definition of average.

Or 2. Gruden is The Joker and just wants to watch the world burn. He signed a 10-year deal and his goal is to see how much chaos he can create in the NFL before he gets forced out of the league for good.

He sent Khalil Mack to go murder Aaron Rodgers. He sent Amari Cooper to the Cowboys to trick Dallas into thinking that Dak Prescott deserves a massive QB contract that will 1000% cripple that franchise going forward and now he wants Nathan Peterman to be the new QB1 in Oakland because he feels like it.

Jon Gruden is a sociopath.



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