Join the Official Deadseriousness #HappyNewBeer 24 Hour Blackout Marathon

2015 was a great year over here at Deadseriousness HQ. Pageviews are up and continuing to grow. Fans are sprouting up out of nowhere and people seem to be enjoying the nonsense that is written here.

In honor to celebrate this fine year, Deadseriousness will have it’s first ever 24 blackout marathon. I know what you’re thinking to yourselves, “Lester, don’t explain any further. I’m all in, how do I sign up?” I know you’re all eager to participate but allow me to explain how.

It’s simple, starting at midnight tonight which will be the first official hour of December 31st, aka New Year’s Eve, the drinking marathon begins. From midnight to midnight, I will see how many beers I can stuff into my face before 2016 arrives.

How do you participate in the marathon? Again, it is so simple. All you have to do is add the king on snapchat (@thelester) and send a photo of yourself drinking with the caption reading “#HappyNewBeer” and I’ll post it Twitter and Facebook.



So join the celebration. Walk into 2016 with Deadseriousness. Add me on snapchat and see how many beers I’m going to cripple my body with. If I had to guess right now I’d say I’m shooting toward a bajillion. Who knows? Maybe I’ll hit 2 bajillion. Also don’t forget to send in your own #HappyNewBeer photos so that I know I’m not the only asshole blacking out.

Thanks for reading and #HappyNewBeer to you and yours.


Written by Deadseriousness

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