Johnny Manziel Will Play Football Before Colin Kaepernick Does

So this past Sunday, everyone in the NFL locked arms in protest during the National Anthem and it has become quite clear that these are the least clear protests of all time. No one seems to really know what their cause is but one thing is for sure: it has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick anymore.

The man, took a knee during the National Anthem and not only lost his job but is no longer allowed to even have a career. That’s like if I wrote an article about police brutality and people disagreed with it so much that I was no longer allowed on the Internet again. That may some day happen though so stay tuned.

It’s safe to say that he won’t be on a football field again. Even though Brian Hoyer and every bum on the Cleveland Browns get to play every single week, Kaepernick is blackballed for protesting against cops murdering unarmed black teens. Wasn’t aware of how many NFL owners are ‘Blue Lives Matters’ guys.

And speaking of Cleveland Browns bums, Johnny Manziel has been barred from signing in the Canadian Football League.

While Johnny Football won’t be permitted to play north of the border in 2017, the CFL left the door open for him to join the league in 2018 provided he “meets certain conditions.”

Manziel is on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ negotiation list, and the CFL announced earlier this month it had extended the team’s 10-day window to sign him so the league could independently evaluate him, per’s Kevin Seifert.

(Bleacher Report)

So technically, Manziel is pretty much on a ‘waiting list’ to play in the CFL and it’s safe to say that this awful quarterback will be leading the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to a streak of losses before Kaepernick gets signed to hold a clipboard behind bitch ass Andy Dalton. What a world.

Imagine how different everything would be if Kaepernick decided that he’d protest racial injustice by throwing interceptions instead of taking a knee during the National Anthem. Not only would he still be in the NFL but he’d be the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Shout out Johnny Manziel out here scamming in Canada. Never change.


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