Sooo, We’re All Just Cool With John Wall Wearing a Cape Last Night

After the Washington Wizards defeated the Atlanta Hawks 103-95 in Game 5, John Wall just casually walked around the arena wearing a cape like it wasn’t a big deal. Why aren’t we dragging this man through the internet streets?

Perhaps he thought no one would notice because it’s camouflage. It takes a real discerning eye to recognize that cape but he’s not letting that nonsense slide past me. He may have the masses fooled but I’m not allowing this to continue.

It’s insane to walk off of a basketball court after playing a grueling playoff game and throw a cape on over your back like it’s no big deal. I don’t know who to blame. How can Bradley Beal allow his back court partner to walk around with that garbage hanging off of his shoulders? Is this a prank? On us?

John Wall can do whatever he wants with a basketball. He may have the best handle in the NBA and I think his Wizards are the only team in the East that can defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers. I mean, there’s no way they’re going to beat them but they have the best chance.

But like, take that fucking cape off.




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