John Kasich Eats Pizza With a Fork Sooo He Will Never Be President

Earlier this week, John Kasich was seen in New York eating pizza with a fork thus guaranteeing that he will never become president. Look back at the great presidents. Lincoln, FDR, Bush. None of those men would ever dare eat pizza with a fork. That shit will get you beheaded in some countries and if I had my way, it’d get you beheaded here.

Kasich attempted to defend his savagery today.

[su_quote cite=”Politico” url=”″]”Look, look, the pizza came scalding hot, OK? And so I use a little fork,” the governor of Ohio told ABC’s “Good Morning America.[/su_quote]

How can I trust this man with nuclear weapons when he can’t even handle hot pizza? As I write this, Vladimir Putin is arm wrestling a grizzly bear. American cannot have a leader that’s using forks for his finger foods. When do you think the last time Putin had a fork in his hands? Never?

What’s crazier, John Kasich eating pizza with a fork or the fact that he’s still running for president? Donald Trump won the republican candidacy already. Like, that’s just a fact. Does John Kasich really think he can sneak up and win out of nowhere? He’s not even close.

Take the pizza fork shit out of here, Kasich.

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