Joey Purp Might’ve Fucked Around and Dropped The Best Rap Album of the Year With ‘Quarterthing’

There are so many sub-genres in hip-hop these days but none will ever capture my attention more than songs that make me feel like I can pick a car up over my head or drop everything and become a drug dealer. You know, music that’s inspiring.

Quarterthing’s message presents itself on one of the final tracks ‘LeBron James‘ with this break:

Now I was talking to my mother one day and she told me
“Boy there are two kinds of people in this world:
The type of people that look, and the type of people that see
Now everybody that sees is looking, but you can’t see without looking
But everybody that looks can’t see
And you gotta see, cus’ you gotta see the plays
You gotta make the plays boy, you gotta make the plays well
You gotta make the plays cus’ the plays ain’t gon’ make themselves


Again, I’m either lifting a tree out of the ground or I’m becoming the local drug kingpin. The beats on Quarterthing range from dreamy Playboi Carti-esque vibes on songs like ‘2012’ to bombastic on tracks like ‘Hallelujah’ and thankfully we even have a strip club anthem with ‘Fessional/Diamonds Dancing’. Every box is checked.

Joey Purp is the Chicago Vince Staples. And by that, I mean Purp has actual bars and knows how to spit. So he can make rapping about punching people in the face with the finesse that most can’t pull off.

This album has everything I want. Tracks named after NBA players. Strip club bangers. Songs like ‘Look At My Wrist’ that makes me look around the subway to see who I could get away with robbing.

All of the essentials for a classic album.




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