Joel Embiid is an Abusive Father

Over the weekend, Joel Embiid beat his little baby son’s ass up and down the basketball court in a 109-99 victory over Andre Drummond and the Detroit Pistons. Absolute child abuse. I honestly hope child protective services were dialed up after this brutal spanking.

Andre Drummond is so incredibly shook that Dwane Casey can’t even play him. Next time the Sixers and Pistons play, Drummond needs to watch from the bench. I don’t think his self-esteem can handle that type of beating. My feelings are hurt just watching the highlights of the destruction.

Is Andre Drummond good?

Is his previous game against the Brooklyn Nets, before getting ragdolled by his father Embiid, Drummond put up 24 points and 23 rebounds. He’s averaging 17 points and 15 boards a game. But it’s impossible to put him in the conversation of the best big men in the NBA when Joel Embiid is tucking him into bed at night.

So is Drummond good? Yea, sure. But I don’t think there’s anyone in the league outside of Al Horford who can stop Embiid from putting up these historic numbers.





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