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Joe Flacco is Going To Steal Sam Darnold’s Job

The New York Jets have signed 35-year old Super Bowl champion, Joe Flacco, to a 1-year $1.5 million deal to back up Sam Darnold.

A lot of praise has been given to New York Jets GM, Joe Douglas, for this decision. The Jets needed to bring a veteran into their QB room. Sam Darnold was drafted in 2018. New York just selected James Morgan a month ago. And 29-year old David Fales has thrown 48 passes in his career.

Sam Darnold was given the keys to the Jets day one and he’s yet to make it through a full season healthy. He missed 3 games in 2018 and 3 more games last season because he couldn’t stop himself from making out with ill women.

But let’s not give Joe Douglas too much credit too quickly. He signed the quarterback he helped the Ravens draft in 2008. How much work and thought went into this move? They’re probably already in a Ravens Super Bowl group chat. Not in a huge hurry to applaud people for giving their lol buddies a hand out.

Flacco is coming off neck surgery and the worst season of his mediocre career. You don’t get a round of applause for snatching up a free agent quarterback that no one else wanted and can’t see what’s going on to the side of him without turning his entire body like Christian Bale’s Batman.

Plus, why even waste a 4th round draft pick on a quarterback that’s currently 4th on the depth chart. We’re in an NFL where there simply aren’t enough practice reps for backup quarterbacks to develop. Darnold is getting first team reps. Joe Flacco is working with the second team. And James Morgan will only touch a football when 1. Flacco overthrows an open receiver and the ball hits Morgan on the sidelines or 2. when Darnold catches another disease from a strange promiscuous lady of the night and James Morgan gets some reps for a couple of weeks.

And this pandemic is going to change the way teams are allowed to practice even more. 2020 is just not the year to take on a project quarterback especially when you’re starter is still very much a project.

And on top of all that, what happens when Darnold inevitably goes down and Joe Flacco steps in and outperforms him. We all know Flacco has an absolute cannon for an arm and can get hot for a few weeks. Adam Gase’s eyes are really going to be bulging out of his face when he sees that Joey Flacco can make plays downfield that Darnold can’t.

My point is, let’s save all this Joe Douglas praise. Douglas just signed a quarterback controversy and he doesn’t even know it. The Sam Darnold vs. Joe Flacco stories are going to be written and the Jets will suffer for it.




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