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Joe Flacco is Dead, Kiko Alonso Murdered Him

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was forced out of Thursday’s game against the Miami Dolphins after taking a hard hit to the head from linebacker Kiko Alonso in the second quarter.

The team later announced he was ruled out of the game with a concussion. Per the CBS broadcast, Flacco also needed stitches for a cut on his ear sustained during the play.

The hit came while Flacco was sliding at the end of a scramble, leading to a 15-yard penalty against the Dolphins for unnecessary roughness.

(Bleacher Report)

Thoughts and Prayers to Joe Flacco’s family who will be burying Joe after Kiko Alonso ripped his head off in the middle of a 40-0 blowout game. We’re all going to remember the ‘Is Joe Flacco Elite?’ internet memes.

This is the best part of the NFL. Players killing other players. No one watches NASCAR to see cars drive fast in circles and make pit stops and shit. They watch to see cars explode into each other and for parts to fly into the stands. Tony Stewart ran over and murdered another driver like, two years ago. People forget that.

Now that the Giants are trash this season, the only reason I have to watch football is to see a Joe Flacco Kiko Alonso collision. Also, shout out to Ryan Mallet being absolute trash. Can’t wait for the ‘where’s Colin Kaepernick?’ nonsense on Twitter.



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