Joe Flacco Hasn’t Returned Any of Lamar Jackson’s Texts or Calls

Joe Flacco seems like an incredibly miserable person to be around. He’s never appeared ‘fun’. So to no one’s surprise, he is being a dick about the Baltimore Ravens drafting his replacement, Lamar Jackson.

Meeting with reporters during rookie minicamp on Saturday, Jackson was asked whether he has heard from Flacco. The answer?

“No, I haven’t,” Jackson said. “No I haven’t.”


Lamar Jackson was a Heisman award winner and might evolve into the next Michael Vick. As it stands, Jackson is already better than Flacco so can you really blame Joe for looking at his phone, seeing ‘hey, it’s your new teammate, Lamar’, and then promptly throwing his phone into a fire?

Joe Flacco isn’t necessarily a bad quarterback. He singlehandedly led the Ravens to a Super Bowl in 2012. Then the Ravens dropped a Brinks truck to his back door and Flacco spent all of his time swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck and none of his time ya know, studying defenses and working on his craft.

Flacco isn’t bad. He might be the best at throwing accurate deep balls. You also can’t blame Flacco for the Ravens inability to surround Flacco with wide receivers with functional hands.

But Lamar Jackson is potentially a once in a lifetime caliber talent anddd his texts are being left on read by Flacco who has Jackson’s notifications set on ‘Do Not Disturb’ like Jackson is some pesky sidechick blowing up his phone while Flacco is with his lady.

Can’t wait until Flacco slashes Lamar Jackson’s tires or fills his helmet with spaghetti…from the sidelines…when he’s watching as Jackson’s backup Week 1.




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