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Joe Burrow is Who Baker Mayfield Thinks He Is

Joe Burrow has just cemented the greatest quarterback season in college football season. He threw for 5,671 yards which is third most in FBS history. He threw 60 touchdowns which is a new FBS record. All while completing 76% of his passes and had 5 RUSHING touchdowns to just 6 interceptions.

All paired with a 42-25 victory over Clemson to win the National Championship and end Clemson’s dominant 29 game win streak. He won the Heisman trophy along with the Davey O’Brien best QB award.

King shit.

Not only is he a monster on the field, but this might be one of the coolest players we’ve witnessed in a while especially when you consider the fact that he looks like Bart Simpson.

These are only a few examples because I can post short Twitter clips all day long but at some point, I have to get to Baker Mayfield slander so I won’t keep you here all day. Also LSU’s social media team has the most high definition cameras on the market.

Joe Burrow will without a doubt be selected No. 1 overall in the 2020 NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals which means he’ll be sharing the state of Ohio with fellow No. 1 draft pick and Heisman Trophy winner, Baker Mayfield.

It’s impossible to not look at these two men and see the massive discrepancies in the way they’re covered and discussed amongst the media and fans.

As mentioned earlier, Baker Mayfield won the 2017 Heisman trophy and set a new record in quarter efficiency.

Sure, he was undersized but his accuracy more than made up for his physical flaws. He wasn’t the obvious No. 1 pick in a draft with Sam Darnold and Josh Allen both being rumored to go first but Baker immediately proved in year one why he deserved that spot as he broke the single-season rookie QB passing touchdowns record. Oooookay.

Fast forward to 2019 and Baker Mayfield is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league.

The man who set the efficiency record in college ended up with the second-worst completion percentage ahead of only Josh Allen. Laugh out loud. He led the league with 21 interceptions. (Yes, Jameis threw 30 picks but we don’t count that. That was art).

And something happened over this past weekend that made me realize that Baker Mayfield looks into the mirror and sees himself as Joe Burrow while the rest of the world doesn’t see him at all.

I cannot stop thinking about this clip. It’s kept me up all night.

At UFC 246, the broadcast panned to celebrities in the crowd. They stopped on Myles Garrett and Baker Mayfield. The announcer started by saying ‘former No.1 overall draft pick’ and proceeded to praise Myles Garrett.

Which is even more hilarious when you remember that people wanted this man ARRESTED a couple of months ago for ripping off Mason Rudolph’s helmet off and hitting him with it. My man is still suspended from the NFL with no return date.

And the announcers gave him all the love in the world before shifting to Tom Brady and completely ignoring that Baker Mayfield was sitting there in a hat he purchased at the airport that afternoon.

I even love there was a second delay where the announcer stopped praising Myles and the cameraman waited for a couple of seconds in case he wanted to shout out Baker Mayfield.

Narrator: he did not.

This would never happen to Joe Burrow. He would’ve been in the ring smoking a cigar celebrating with Conor McGregor and that dude’s grandma.

As far as their on the field play, Baker can’t do what Joe does.

Baker thinks he’s fast enough to scramble and every time he attempts to leave the pocket, a much bigger and faster defensive end is on his ass before he can break the line of scrimmage while Joe Burrow is down the field already before the defense can react.

Burrow had 10.8 yards per attempt this season while Baker Mayfield was just around 7 yards per attempt. Joe pushes the ball downfield and is far more accurate with the deep ball as Baker seems like throwing far hurts his little shoulder.

Look at how cool Joe is with that reporter holding a picture of him as a child. That’s how Baker thinks he talks to reporters but instead this is him.

He looks like he flashes his dick to moms in the local shopping mall parking lot.

He might be the least charming player in the league. He’s an asshole to every reporter, he throws his teammates under the bus, he leaves his coaches out to dry and he just comes off and a miserable weirdo.

Baker presents this fake cockiness that I can only describe as Joe Burrow-inspired. He’s the bland cheap store brand version of Burrow that you purchase on a discount because the box is open.

And now the two both share the same state and are about to play each other twice a year for as long as Cleveland continues to trick themselves into believing that Baker Mayfield is a franchise quarterback.

Joe Burrow and AJ Green are about to be everything that Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham aren’t.

Baker Mayfield: fan favorite.





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