JK Rowling is a Miserable Asshole

JK Rowling woke up one morning and saw the world discussing American systematic racism and police brutality. Being the narcissist that she is, JK needed to turn all the focus onto herself and her own fragile femininity to declare that trans women aren’t women, ya know, that ‘debate’ that literally no one is having anymore.

JK Rowling would then go on to write a dumb blog where she discouraged trans people while simultaneously acting as if she is the victim of harsh online harassment because she’s a woman even she is the one who decided to randomly attack an entire group of marginalized people.

I don’t even want to sit here and preach about the dangers of transphobia but I have to quickly point out that if you’re still talking about transwomen sneaking into women’s bathrooms to attack women, you are a fool and you need to get off the Internet for a few months and actually meet people.

Conservatives live their entire lives in utter fear of brown and LGBT people that they need to build walls to keep the Mexicans from taking their jobs and sleeping with their unhappy wives.

They need guns in case black hip hop thugs break into their house to steal the $350 they have in their sock draw and also sleep with their wives.

And they are afraid trans people are going to follow their wives in the bathroom and sleep with them there.


Has JK Rowling never used a public bathroom before? Half of them are totally individual unisex toilets and the others are stalls in which transwomen would go and sit down to pee because, ya know, they’re women and then they’d leave without you even knowing she was trans because it’s none of anyone’s fucking business.

Can’t believe I started by saying that I don’t want to preach about transphobia and then just did. I hate Harry Potter.

What’s most frustrating about JK Rowling’s insistence that transwomen aren’t actually women is that it’s hidden under the guise of feminism as if she is protecting the precious sanctity of womanhood and the burden that carries but in actuality she’s simply upset that she’s not special.

Do you want to know why some white people will never support Black Lives Matters protests no matter how peaceful they are or even if they agree with the cause?

Because they don’t have a cause that’s as meaningful to their lives. It’s why they lost their minds and protested against a nationwide quarantine meant to save them from Coronanvirus. They literally risked their lives for haircuts and nail salons to open because it’s the only cause these self-centered sociopaths could personally identify with.

It most make JK Rowling sick to see all these people come together for Black Lives Matter knowing damn well she neither cares about black lives nor police brutality. Especially since she is so deeply entrenched in a war that she has entirely created in her own head of women vs. transwomen.

Racist whites in America are afraid that black people getting more would mean they would suddenly get lost and JK believes transwomen getting more would somehow take away from women which again, makes absolutely no sense.

JK Rowling is a miserable loser who wrote a surprisingly successful series of tremendously simple silly and severely overrated books about magic which is suuuuuper gay for a transphobe.

This line from her blog bothered me the most:

My interest in trans issues pre-dated Maya’s case by almost two years, during which I followed the debate around the concept of gender identity closely. I’ve met trans people, and read sundry books, blogs and articles by trans people, gender specialists, intersex people, psychologists, safeguarding experts, social workers and doctors, and followed the discourse online and in traditional media.

Oh, so you fully studied and thoroughly understand exactly why transwomen are women and you’re still actively choosing to ignore that because you’re just an asshole. Got it. No further conversations needed. You’ve made your choice.

No one will miss this woman when she dies.



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