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JJ Redick Casually Calling Chinese Fans ‘Chinks’ Is Not a Great Look



Just in case you forgot that JJ Redick played basketball at Duke, his true colors have been shown as he casually called Chinese NBA fans ‘chinks’ in a tribute video for Chinese New Year. Outrageous time to drop that bomb but hey, with Trump in power, racists now feel emboldened. No longer are bigots forced to keep their prejudices to themselves.

After playing in Los Angeles for the bulk of his career, JJ Redick is in Philadelphia this season which means he’s no longer near the Pacific Ocean which means I assume he’s letting out Chinese racial slurs left and right in the locker room over there.

I should probably mention that he apologized and he clearly got tongue tied trying to say ‘Chinese fans’ but somehow chink erupted from his mouth instead.

BUT, my man has the much needed Jeremy Lin cosign. Never forget Linsanity. Whatever he says, is law.

But seriously, fuck Duke basketball.




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