Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan Are Going To Light The NFC On Fire

Jimmy Garoppolo is finally free. He can enjoy the sunshine in San Francisco after spending his entire career in Tom Brady’s shadow in New England. I can already imagine Garoppolo growing his hair out and lounging on the beach in the offseason. What an upgrade for ya boy.

Combine him with Kyle Shanahan, the gawd who turned mediocre, inaccurate Matt Ryan into an MVP and Super Bowl contender and Garoppolo is pretty much poised for the Hall of Fame. If you look at Jimmy’s skills, they are almost identical to Ryan’s except he has a career full of Belichick-isms floating through his brain.

Orrrr everything I just said could simply be wild speculation seeing as how Garoppolo hasn’t proven he can start 16 games in the NFL and Shanahan currently has a grand total of zero wins this season.

What do I know?



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