Jimmy Butler Removed His Car’s Rear View Mirrors Because He Doesn’t Want to Look Back

Chicago Bulls star, Jimmy Butler, is a loser. In a interview with Chicago Magazine, which is a thing apparently. Jimmy Butler said he hates living in the past so he removed the rear view mirrors from his car. Jimmy Butler had a rough time growing up and has developed into one of the best basketball players in the NBA. He’s a top 10 guy. Also he’s a loser.


Still, he loathes reliving the past—so much so that he has removed the rearview mirror on his car (yes, really) as a symbolic reminder to never look back


Here’s the thing, symbolic gestures are for losers. You know who never did dumb shit to be symbolic? Michael Jordan. He just dropped like, 40 points and made you regret choosing basketball as a profession. Michael Jordan didn’t like, cut his finger off if he didn’t win a ring one year to be symbolic. He just went out there and won a ring every year.

Jimmy Butler is a loser for this and is honestly a danger to himself and everyone on the road. Put the mirrors back on your car and play basketball, loser. With Derrick Rose breaking his face in the first day of practice in a way that only Derrick Rose can do, this story about Jimmy Butler just reinforces how bad the Chicago Bulls are going to be this year. I would not be surprised if they won a grand total of 0 games this year. Would for sure be surprised if they won any. Jimmy Butler is a loser.


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