Jimmy Butler’s Consecutive Days Without Being a Sociopath: 0

What Happened?

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski report that Butler has “aggressively challenged” Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown about his role in the team’s offense and the system in place. One specific instance occurred during Philly’s recent road trip to Portland, when Butler called Brown out during a film session in what witnesses considered a “disrespectful” manner. Brown reportedly told people within the 76ers organization that he had no issue with the exchange and considered it normal for the relationship he has established with Butler.


Sooo Jimmy Butler managed to go a full month in Philadelphia without causing any real harm. Sure, a few weeks ago Joel Embiid came out and said that he was struggling after the arrival of Jimmy Butler but I interpreted that more as Embiid openly questioning his own mentality and not blaming Butler.

But nope, that should’ve been the first warning shot. Embiid was on a historic Shaquille O’Neal-esque statistical clip and then Butler came and Embiid became a shy little girl who giggles behind her hand.

Now it is being reported that Jimmy Butler went after Brett Brown in a ‘disrespectful’ way and I am SHOCKED.

Jimmy? America’s Sweetheart??

It’s not like he pretty much forced Derrick Rose out of Chicago because he wanted to be the No. 1 guy and then proceeded to treat all of the younger guys like garbage until Rajon Rondo got there and was like ‘yo, the fuck is wrong with you?’

Then after being traded to Minnesota, it’s not like Jimmy treated Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins like towels to wipe his sweat and got pissed when they were given Max contracts before he was so he decided to attack them in practices and call them pussies every single day.

It’s almost as if Jimmy Butler is a sociopath with zero social skills who thinks that every locker room he enters should cater to all of his wants and desires and honestly, I respect the shit out of him for that.

Why change? ‘New Year New Me’ is a quitter’s mentality. I’m going to continue to be the stubborn asshole I was last year until it works out positively for me. There are more bridges out there for me to burn.

I am Jimmy Butler so I fully understand his thought process here. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Closed mouths don’t get fed. You want something? Scream at your coach and embarrass him in front of all your teammates and I guarantee you’ll get what you’re demanding.

Let Jimmy continue to be a sociopath and mind your damn business.


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