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Jerry Seinfeld Posed in Front of a Mural of Him Embarrassing Kesha

Damn. Kesha’s body is barely cold and Jerry Seinfeld is already telling ‘what’s the deal with…?’ jokes on her corpse. Shout out to the Banksy who made this mural though. One of the biggest moments in human history. Seinfeld stiff arming Kesha. Right up there with Alexander the Great conquering all of Europe and Africa.

There is no one who rides harder for the #FreeKesha movement than myself1. But yea, this a career ender. I know she has a new album finally coming out after being shelved for years because her producer sexually assaulted her and Sony was like ‘no he didn’t’ but at this point, every song should be replaced with Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up from the 80’s.

Kesha is dead, Jerry Seinfeld killed her.




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  1. and probably Kesha or whatever.

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