Jeremy Roenick Thinks He Was Fired By NBC Sports For Being Straight

Jeremy Roenick is a former NHL star and now a former NBC Sports hockey analyst who was fired after appearing on a Barstool Sports podcast and ‘joking’ that he’d love to have a threesome with his wife and his co-worker, Kathryn Tappen.

“I’m swimming with my wife and Kathryn, and they’ve got their bikinis on, and they look f—in’ smokin’. Ass and boobs everywhere. It’s great.”

Barstool Sports babyyyyy. Just guys being dudes and talking about the ass and boobs of their female coworkers in a very public forum and then saying they’re just kidding after we all find out how creepy they are. Classic.

Jeremy Roenick was suspended and then just fired following his weird ass comments but Roenick is filing a lawsuit against his termination claiming that he lost his job because he is a Trump supporter and a straight guy.

Personally, I think if you support Donald Trump after he allowed over 130,000 people to die of a virus that he easily could’ve prevented if he didn’t act as if listening to doctors and scientists would make him look less masculine, you should 1000% be fired and forced to deal with this virus without health insurance like millions of other Americans but I can see where someone who is dumb enough to support that man can also be dumb enough to think he was fired for being straight.

Jeremy Roenick’s big ‘GOTCHA’ evidence is an Olympics promotional video in which JOhnny Weir and Tara Lipinksi flirted and joked about having an affair. See, why can the extremely gay Johnny Weir flirt with women but I can’t say how badly I want to dry hump my coworkers? This is discrimination.

Is there any group of people more oppressed than straight white men who voted for Donald Trump? They can’t campaign for a man that has encouraged local police forces to brutally attack people protesting police brutality. He’s made governors beg him to send aid to their overcrowded hospitals in the middle of a pandemic. Every single person working for him is a criminal. Why can’t you openly support him without being treated differently? This is America, I suppose.

PC Culture is so out of control that you can no longer publicly humiliate and sexualize your coworkers. What’s next? I can’t smack her ass as she walks by? How is she supposed to know how badly I want to bang her if I’m not constantly telling her? Oh but the gay guy who poses no actual threat can flirt with the hot chicks? What a wild double standard.

These companies are so terrified as being labeled ‘liberal’ or whatever that you know either Roenick is going to be back on the air with a new ‘hot or not’ segment or he’s about to get a Brinks truck of NBC cash driven to his front door.

Also, shout out to Barstool Sports. Just letting guys be dudes, man. But it’s fine. Did you know they had a female CEO? Yea, so. No further judgments.



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