Jeremy Lin Looks Like An Asshole

I have NO idea how this escaped me, but Jeremy Lin has the worst haircut of all time. I’m honestly embarrassed for him. I’m blushing just looking at this photo. Remember Linsanity? What happened to this guy? After playing for Houston, Los Angeles, and now landing on Charlotte, he looks like he’s finally found time to watch the very first season of Jersey Shore, and he’s now doing his best homage to Pauly D.

Jeremy Lin is averaging 12.7 points per game in the bench in Charlotte, and he’s causing analysts to claim that Charlotte has the best bench in the Eastern Conference. LOL at that nonsense. The New York Knicks have the best bench in the NBA, and they have their own weirdo with ridiculous hair in Derrick Williams. Charlotte, stop copying from New York’s homework. You’re doing it all wrong.


I hate this. Jeremy Lin, you look like an asshole. I’m going to treat him like an ex-girlfriend who gained 100 pounds or became a drug addict, and I’m just going to pretend like he was never on the Knicks. It’s better that way.


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