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Jennifer Lawrence Plays (Mildly Hot) Russian Spy in ‘Red Sparrow’ Trailer

A few weeks ago I asked the question ‘Is Jennifer Lawrence a good actress?‘ and I’m honestly still not sure but you know what I am sure about? I LOVE spy movies. Something about espionage reallyy¬†gets the adrenaline going. I was hyped this entire little teaser trailer and nothing really happened.

Regardless of how I feel about Jennifer Lawrence, I’m all in on Red Sparrow. Give me Russian women seducing men and then murdering them. Personally, I think being a spy is more about acquiring information than it is about slaughtering people but what do I know? That’s why I watch these movies. To learn more.

After seeing Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, my expectations for female spies are through the roof. James Bond is cool or whatever but I want/need more women beating the shit out of men. Preferably not in a Marvel movie like all of the lame ass Black Widow stuff. I want the real deal.

See you all at the Red Sparrow premiere.




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