Is Jennifer Lawrence a Good Actress?

Today I watched American Hustle and Silver Linings Playback. I want to make it clear that both movies happened to be playing on cable and I didn’t like, pop in a few DVDs on a random weekday although I won’t pretend like I’ve never done that before. Lotttt of movie watching free time here at Deadseriousness HQ.

Anyway, I can’t help but notice how much love J-Law gets for her acting skills until when you go back and examine her work and realize that maybe she’s not even that good at her craft.

She won an Acadamy Award for Silver Linings Playbook but when you look at the other nominees in 2012, none of them really stand out. Perhaps Quvenzhan√© Wallis could’ve gone home with the award but do you really think the Academy of old white men would give best actress to an 8-year-old black girl? No, is the correct answer.

When you go through at her filmography¬†and really take a look at her performances, it’s reaaal tough to understand why she has been the highest paid actress for the last few years. Sure, she was the face of the Hunger Games franchise but those aren’t movies you watch for their amazing acting displays. You watch to see children murder children. It’s (my) fantasy.

I admit this may be more a personal preference but I think she suuuucks as Mystique in those X-Men movies. Perhaps I am biased because I think Rebecca Romijn played the role better and was more convincing as a blue skinned shape shifting assassin but I just thought Lawrence was megaaa lame in the role and took me out of the movie in every scene she was in.

Have I made it clear yet whether or not I think she’s a good actress?

Silver Linings Playbook is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Its use of mental illness as a plot device for a weird dancing competition made zero sense and Jennifer Lawrence’s character was treated with no nuance. She wants to fuck a lot, talk about a crazy broad amirite?!?!

American Hustle is a movie that I recognize also stinks but I’m a Christian Bale stan so again, I am biased. But can we agree that her role as the crazy Bronx wife was terrible? She had the deadest of dead eyes the entire movie and moved like she was a puppet on a string. Her fake accent was fake and she was just unwatchable. I was literally infuriated every time she was on screen. Can’t put J-Law next to Amy Adams.

I fell asleep during Joy. Then I tried to watch again another day. I fell asleep watching Joy again. The Jennifer Lawrence/David O. Russell-a-verse is the worst thing in Hollywood and I hope it’s safe to say that Joy was so boring that this team up is finally over.

Is Jennifer Lawrence a good actress?

Fucking NOPE. But, at this point in her career she doesn’t need to be. She has surpassed the need to be a good actor and she has jettisoned herself into ‘movie star’ status. Do you sit down at a Tom Cruise movie and expect amazing acting or are you paying to see him jump out of planes and shit?

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest movie stars in the world and acting no longer matters.






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