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Jeffrey Epstein Should’ve Killed Himself 66 Years Ago

Jailed multimillionaire financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has died by suicide, two law enforcement sources said Saturday, a day after a court unsealed new details of the claims against him.

Epstein, 66, was taken from New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center on Saturday morning in cardiac arrest and died at an area hospital, the sources told CNN.

For those out of the loop, Jeffrey Epstein was recently arrested for running a sex trafficking ring of mostly underage teenage girls to wealthy CEOs and political leaders.

Not only did he force teenage girls across Palm Beach and New York City into prostitution but this disgusting psychopath had a master plan of creating a ‘Baby Ranch’ in New Mexico where he would impregnate 20 women at a time.

These are the types of maniacs we need time machines to go back and murder when they’re born. This piece of shit really thought he was so much more superior than everyone around him so the world needed more of his DNA.

This whole Jeffrey Epstein story also tells us everything we need to know about the wealthy influential people who he considered to be his ‘friends’. If a friend approaches you about his plan to impregnate 20 women a day, you wouldn’t hang out with that friend again yet these people were all like ‘hm, tell me more’.

The ONLY bad thing about this suicide is that his impeding trial could’ve potentially opened to door to some of the names of the leaders that used Epstein’s services.

We all know Donald Trump is a rapist and is friends with Epstein. We don’t need a trial to connect those dots for us. Fuck Jeffrey Epstein. Every day he was on Earth was a bad day for everyone around him.

There was a woman who was 14 years old when Epstein started abusing her. She was in middle school. She had braces and Epstein took advantage of her.

Fuck this guy. He should’ve killed himself 66 years ago.

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