Jayson Tatum Has Scored 9 Points in Game 1 and Game 2 Combined…9 Points

Jayson Tatum is averaging 4.5 points per game…lol.

Jayson Tatum has made 4 baskets and 1 free thrown. It’s the Eastern Conference semi-finals. Jayson Tatum is considered to be the second best scorer on Boston behind Kyrie Irving.

In Game 1, Tatum had 4 points.

In Game 2, Tatum had 5 points.


Boston beat the Bucks in Milwaukee Game 1 so no one really batted an eye when Tatum walked away with only 5 points. Kyrie led the team with 26 points followed by Al Horford dropping 20 and Jaylen Brown bringing in 19 points of his own. Real team effort.

Tatum had 5 points.

People (Paul Pierce) were saying this series was over after one game even though Milwaukee shot 34.8% from the field. Sure, some of that was Boston’s defensive pressure but most of that poor shooting game was just the result of missing open jumpers. Crossing your fingers and hoping the highest scoring offense in the NBA continues to miss open shots isn’t really a sustainable strategy.

And that showed it’s head in Game 2 when Milwaukee thumped Boston 123-102. The Bucks blew the doors off Boston in the second half. The Celtics really could’ve used a second scorer to help a struggling Kyrie Irving.

Jayson Tatum had 4 points.

Milwaukee in 5. Which ironically is the number of points Tatum will average over the course of this series.

Remember when everyone was asking if the Celtics were ‘willing’ to give up Jayson Tatum in a deal for Anthony Davis? Laugh out loud. Better question: will New Orleans be willing to take back that bum in exchange for a Top 5 player in the league?

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