Jay Cutler is Still the Coolest Player in the NFL

My boyyyy, Jay, is out here chillinnnn. Take the ball out of his hands and he is completely uninterested. Cutler is the king of having his arms on his hips. You can’t tell from that video but he also has a lit bogey in his mouth and he’s eyeing a chick in the front row.

How do we not all love this guy? I would love nothing more than to play for a quarterback that is calm and laid back. You would never feel anxious in the huddle. Whether you’re up 30 or down 30, Cutler is keeping the squad level. Can’t knock the hustle.

Jay Cutler is the coolest quarterback in the NFL. Sure, you can have your Phillip Rivers-type who is yelling at players on the sideline and screaming when the ball isn’t snapped in time. OR, you can have Jay Cutler out there throwing interceptions and then yawning right after. I choose Cutler every single time.

Can’t wait til the Miami Dolphins win a Super Bowl this season and everyone forgets that Dan Marino ever existed and Jay Cutler is carried off on the team’s shoulders while he finishes a pack of Marlboro Reds while he ignores texts from his friends and family.

Jay Cutler is the coolest player in the NFL and there isn’t even a close second.





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