Jay Cutler Explains Why He Didn’t Sign With The New York Jets

“The stars didn’t really align for me to get out there,” Cutler told ESPN’s Adam Schefter this week on his “Know Them From Adam” podcast. “By the time I was scheduled to get out there, my buddy Josh had taken a visit and they worked something out with him. It all worked out. I’m happy for him.”


How many times do you think Jay Cutler rescheduled his meeting with the New York Jets until they had to sign his ‘buddy Josh’? It’s safe to say that the only way Jay Cutler was coming back for another season was if the Chicago Bears really wanted him back. They 1000% did not.

I’ve already written how I feel about Jay Cutler’s new broadcasting career but it’s probably a better move than putting on a New York Jets uniform. I honestly think the Jets will go 0-16 with or without Cutler sooo it probably wouldn’t have been a good look for Jay to lose his job to Christian Hackenberg because he couldn’t win a single game.

Sometimes the ‘stars don’t align’ AKA sometimes you’d rather completely quit the sport than play for the Jets.




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