Jay Cutler is Down to Replace Ryan Tannehill For Miami Dolphins

Fox Sports hired Jay Cutler to serve as a color analyst for the upcoming NFL season, but the former Chicago Bears quarterback would reportedly consider putting his broadcasting career on hold to sign with the Miami Dolphins.

According to’s Jeff Darlington, Cutler would only join the Dolphins if he was given an opportunity to start as well as get paid like a starting quarterback.

Darlington added that so far the interest strictly comes from Cutler and that the Dolphins have yet to consider signing him an option.

The report comes as Ryan Tannehill suffered a left knee injury during practice Thursday. According to the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly, an MRI showed no structural damage in the knee, but the Dolphins are unsure for the time being when Tannehill could potentially return.

(Bleacher Report)


Return of the Mack. Jay Cutler might just throw the pads back on and take the Miami Dolphins to a solid 8-8 season during the absence of Ryan Tannehill. NFL fans rejoice.

The best storyline going into the 2017 NFL season is knowing that every time a quarterback gets injured, we’re all going to argue whether or not Colin Kaepernick deserves a phone call. On one hand, Kaepernick is a better quarterback than most of the backups in the NFL. On the other hand, he hates America. Fight.

Do you think Johnny Manziel is getting a phone call this week? No? Yea, you’re right. Silly Question.




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