Jay Cutler in the AFC East Is Going To Be Must-See TV

Jay Cutler has signed with the Miami Dolphins after being retiring during his lunch break.

Ryan Tannehill out. Jay Cutler in. This signing is the equivalent of trying to put out a fire with a matchbook. I’m actually a Jay Cutler fan and constant defender but something about dragging him out of retirement doesn’t quite have the same excitement and luster as the Jets bringing back Brett Favre.

But Cutler joining the Dolphins is huge because it means he gets to compete against teams that he’s rarely faced in his career prior. Cutler is 2-12 all time playing against the Green Bay Packers. We already know what happens when he travels to Wisconsin. Aaron Rodgers sends him back to Chicago in a bodybag.

But now he’s going up against the New York Jets, a team that he refused to sign with this offseason and decided that he’d rather not play football at all than wear a Jets uniform. Now he plays them twice this year where he’s 3-0 against them thus proving my theory that the Jets are going 0-16 this season.

What’s even more exciting is seeing Jay heading into Foxboro for his inevitable embarrassment game. Cutler is 0-3 against Brady in his career and let’s just tack two more losses on to that record right now.

Can’t wait until Tyrod Taylor makes Jay Cutler look like he’s never played quarterback before. Cutler playing against the AFC East is must-see TV this season.




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