The Jay Cutler Era in Chicago Has Officially Ended

I think I’m tearing up a little bit. Jay Cutler is one of my favorite active quarterbacks right now and I loved him in Chicago. I loved that everyone hated him the second he got there even those he was easily the most talented guy they had behind center in their team’s history.

After Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton were the QB’s, it’s facinating that Jay came and was instantly reviled. Brian Urlacher basically told the entire locker room to ignore Cutler. Tough to come back from that. Now he’s placed on the IR and it looks like it’s Matt Barkley’s squad now. Laugh out loud.

What’s next for Jay? I want/need him to join the Jets. A lot of people are predicting that Tony Romo will be in a Jets jersey next season but I need Cutler here at home. I might actually convert to being a Jets fan for like 3 hours a week.

Dear Jay Cutler’s agent, if you’re reading this then please sign with the Jets. We (I) need you.


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