Jay Cutler Starting a Broadcasting Career is Exactly What’s Wrong With Broadcasting

A playing career doesn’t qualify for a broadcasting career

I want to start off by saying that when I was a younger man, I dreamed of becoming a broadcaster. I loved Marv Albert and Al Michaels. They were just as vital to the game as the players on the field/court. They set the narratives, they drove the excitement and they created the stars. We’re all familar with John Madden’s love and obsession with Brett Favre. Madden is just as responsible for Favre’s legacy as Favre is.

But now we live in the present day in which old school broadcasters are gone. You don’t need a formal education in the field or any real experience in the profession at all. All you need to do is have your name on the back of a jersey and you jump to the front of the line. No qualifications necessary.

I don’t want to say that former athletes are bad broadcasters but look at what NBA TNT’s coverage has become. Shaq and Charles Barkley spend an hour giving arbitrary opinions and they shit on players that they personally don’t like and they laugh at players making mistakes on the court instead of providing any actual insight or real analysis of the game.

“You cannot lose games in the NFL and still win” -Trent Dilfer, former NFL quarterback on ESPN.

Perhaps I sound bitter that these opportunities are being taken by former players. But look at Jay Cutler’s career. He was will known for being a carefree gunslinger. An emotionless robot created in a lab to chuck footballs down field. Honestly, my favorite type of quarterback. I love when Eli Manning shuts his eyes and just launches the ball as far as he can with no regard for possibly and most likely turning the ball over. Love it.

But what about that suddenly makes him a broadcaster? At no point was Cutler ever considered a ‘student of the game’. Not to say that he didn’t look at film. Of course he did but I wouldn’t categorize him as a ‘cerebral’ player.

Yet, he is going to walk directly into the booth at Fox Sports with absolutely no signs that he is capable of that position while students who are actually going to school to learn the in’s and out’s of the vocation are relegated to like, local radio stations and nonsense jobs because NFL teams won’t draft them.

I should be in the booth with Joe Buck but instead I’m stuck writing jokes all day on Deadseriousness. Hard times on Planet Earth.



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