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Jason Whitlock, The Black Journalist That Hates Black People, Is Finally Unemployed

Rarely do I cheer when people lose their jobs but when it comes to Jason Whitlock losing his job at Fox Sports, I might bring out the champagne bottles to celebrate this anti-black troll who made his name on undercutting black achievement and being the black friend that racists can point to in order to prove their good people.

Whitlock’s biggest claim to fame was attacking Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling during the National Anthem—a protest that exclusively white racists had a problem with because they either didn’t believe that police brutality existed or straight up support it. Jason Whitlock gave them hours upon hours of anti-Kaepernick content.

It’s being reported that Whitlock might try to start his own brand like Bill Simmons or Clay Travis which is going to fail miserably. The difference between Clay Travis’s race-baiting and Jason Whitlock’s is that at the end of the day, Clay can pretend to just be a simple dolt from Tennessee and that’s exactly who his fans are and who they want him to be.

Jason Whitlock is not what his target audience wants. He doesn’t represent them. He has no ‘fans’ that will follow him to his own platform. He pretends to be this anti-establishment rebel while promoting the talking points of white supremacists which is literally THE establishment.

He is simply a scammer who realized he could cash out on his own self-hating and nonexistent self esteem.

Following the senseless murder of Ahmaud Arbery—a 25-year old who was out on a morning job and was murdered by a father and son who tried to play vigilante—LeBron James tweeted out his clear frustration of the whole situation.

Naturally, Jason Whitlock disagreed.

Jason Whitlock used the brutal murder of Ahmaud Arbery to push this dumb narrative that LeBron is only pretending to care so that he can look better than Michael Jordan? Even writing that sentence made no fucking sense but Whitlock needed to undercut LeBron and dismiss this clear hate crime that took place in Georgia.

This was just a month ago.

Thank you to Fox Sports for getting this lonely obese sociopath off the air before he spewed some real nonsense following this past weekend of George Floyd protests across the country. Lord only knows the tap dancing and bootlicking he was about to do.

Jason Whitlock is fat Tomi Lahren except Tammy Laurden will always have a job because her audience wants to fap to her. Even if you don’t agree with everything Bill Simmons said at ESPN, you still liked his ideas enough to follow him when he left.

Jason Whitlock doesn’t have any ideas. He’s a contrarian who planted his flag in the idea that black people are responsible for their own mistreatment which is a message that quite literally ZERO people want to hear.

I’ll leave you with this. Here’s Jason Whitlock explaining why Cam Newton doesn’t have a job:

If Cam Newton wants a job he should cut his air. 1950’s racism from the newly unemployed Jason Whitlock.

Fuck off.


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