Jason Whitlock Is Addicted To Getting Fired (And Eating Treats)

7 months ago we were introduced to the dream team of race-bating ‘stick to sports while I constantly diverge from sports to talk politics’ trolls. Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock created a super team dedicated to playing devil’s advocate and just turning literally every single news story into some weird editorial about how ESPN is dying or some shit.

After paying $500,000 to become a partner at that terrible website that will 1000% give your computer malware, it appears as though Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis have officially broken up. A month before Valentine’s Day no less.

Whitlock hasn’t created any dumb content for Clay’s dumb site since mid-December so I reckon this breakup was coming for a while.

Just an amazing career run for Whitlock getting fired from ESPN and landing at Fox Sports only to once again be fired from Fox Sports and then paying Clay Travis half a million dollars to like, record periscope videos from his living room for several hundred MAGA dads who hate women. OH, and then being fired again.

Outkick has an incredibly awful business model.

Clay Travis attempts to present his site as like, the conservative sports haven for folks who want to read about LeBron James sleeping with Chinese dictators or whatever as they fly to DC to storm Capitol Hill except all of the articles or poorly written by guys like Gary Sheffield’s son and you have to comb through oddly sized ads that are promoting Clay Travis’s radio show because it’s 2021 and Clay Travis is still building his business around the radio.

Jason Whitlock was the perfect obese man to bring in as Whitlock is famous for being anti-black which makes racists feel more comfortable being racist as they can point to their extremely large friend Jason and say ‘see, how can I be racist if this super fat black guy is saying the same things as me’.

Personally, I’d rather live paycheck to paycheck than tap dance for whites but we’re built different. Literally. Like, there’s no way my skeleton can support that much weight.

What will happen to Clay Travis without the power of tokenism to shield him from his own blatant racism? What will happen to Jason Whitlock now that Parler is gone and social media sites have finally decided that you can’t just say Nazi shit anymore? Awful timing to hit free agency.

Really hope Whitlock gets a job at The Blaze or Fox News so that the political world can now chew up and spit out this grifter. He is going to set records for how many media companies he gets fired from. My man’s going to be working at Deadseriousness by 2022. Poor thing.

Also, need to pat myself on the back for the level of constraint I exhibited by not calling him Jason Shitcock.





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