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Jason Momoa Says Henry Cavill is ‘Absolutely Not’ Done Being Superman

I feel like I’ve said this a bajillion times for a couple of years now but this seems like as good of an opporntinuty to repeat myself as any: Henry Cavill is the best Superman we’ve seen and DC should stop EVERYTHING and make Man of Steel 2.

A few months ago it was reported that Henry Cavill was out as Superman because Warner Bros wouldn’t cut that check and I’m a firm believer in collecting the biggest bag possible. If you don’t get this bread, someone else will.

But if Jason Momoa knows something we don’t all know then he better be more specific. If it turns out there’s like, a Superman flashback scene in Aquaman and Jason Momoa is being a little more literal than I’m imagining then I’m burning his house to the ground. That’s just what needs to happen.

Don’t lie to me Jason.

Batman V. Superman was one of the worst things that ever happened to me (until Suicide Squad came out). I’m flying directly to DC HQ and holding everyone hostage until I see a Man of Steel 2 script and filming locations/schedules ready to fucking go.

Don’t lie to me Jason. We need Henry Cavill back.




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