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Jason DeRulo Drops $70,000 At a Strip Club And Is Using It As a Tax Write Off

Jason Derulo’s no dummy, he’s planning to write off more than $70k he dropped inside Ace of Diamonds strip club!!!

The singer was leaving AoD Monday night with a smile on his face and receipts in his pocket … all the proof he needs to hand over to his accountant.

JD’s paper shows he dropped the spent $53k in booze alone, and he explained why it’s a totally legit write-off.

Jason, who was rolling with rapper Sincere Show, also sprinkled $20k on the strippers.



Am I missing something about strip clubs? I have never walked through the front door of a ‘gentleman’s club’ and I have no plans on doing so. If I do end up stumbling into a strip club, there is no way I can ever imagine spending $70k on these bitches. I mean, I’ll probably never have that much money to just throw at sluts but the point remains.

But now that I know that you can just write that all off, perhaps I might spend my next weekend at the local suck joint. Actually, that’s probably not a great idea. Something tells me that Jason DeRulo’s accountant can pull those strings and that lovely folk at the local H&R Block aren’t quite prepared for those transactions.

Also, quick shout out to ‘rapper’ Sincere Show, who borrowed some of Jason’s money to toss around. Great friends there.





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