Japanese Man Arrested For Putting a Curse on Local School Children

On the morning of Sept 26 in Tokyo, schoolchildren on their way to a day of learning and play at Edogawa Elementary School were crossing a pedestrian land bridge. However, hanging from the railing was a little doll made of straw along with a note which read “All you brats jump from here and die.”

In Japan, straw dolls (waraningyo) are used in a somewhat similar fashion to a voodoo doll, in that they are both effigies used to summon a curse upon people. Judging by the note, it would appear that someone had intended to make the children jump to their own death through the power of the straw doll.

That someone is believed to be 41-year-old Takeshi Inaba who lives near the school. According to the police, Inaba confessed to inflicting the curse saying: “Those kids running wild in the park are too noisy.”

(Japan Today)

It’s real tough to not immediately take Takeshi Inaba’s sideKids are the fucking WORST. “Those kids running wild in the park are too noisy”. Truer words have never been spoken. I 1000% blame these children for driving this man to witchcraft and wizardry.

Sure, is it a little harsh to encourage little children to jump off a bridge and kill themselves? Yea, it’s a little dark but it’s far better than the alternative which is throwing them off the bridge yourself. Kids can make their own choices. Let the black magic persuade the dumber kids. Those are the ones who are the noisiest anyway.

Takeshi Inaba is a hero and deserves a medal of honor and the key to the city for standing up against these tiny villains.




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