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James Harden Paid Goons to Rob Moses Malone Jr. At a Strip Club

Fox 26 news has learned Houston Rockets’ star player James Harden has been sued and accused of masterminding a plan to assault and rob the son of an NBA legend.

That suit was filed by Moses Malone Jr today according to his attorney George Farah.  It alleges Harden paid a group of people $20,000 in cash to attack and rob Malone at V-Live strip club last year. The lawsuit says Harden was angry because Malone wrote a Facebook post criticizing the star player for charging children for his basketball camp.  Several people connected to the assault have already been charged criminally.


Talk shit, get hit Moses. You think you can just go on Facebook and criticize the potential MVP of the 2017 season and not get roughed up at the local strip club. It doesn’t matter if your dad is a Hall of Famer, no one is safe.

I take back everything negative I said about Harden1  after he evaporated in Game 6 against the San Antonio Spurs. I’m 1000% back on his bandwagon now that I know he’s hiring motherfuckers to do stick ups on his enemies at strip clubs.

This is the biggest story of an NBA player getting into shady of the court crimes since Michael Jordan’s gambling debts got so bad that his father was murdered and he was forced to leave the NBA.2. Your little triple-doubles are cute or whatever, Russ but the real MVPs are beating the shit out of internet trolls.




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  1. cause he’ll rob me, apparently.
  2. stay woke

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