James Harden Lies and Says He Wants Dwight Howard Back Next Season

On Wednesday night, the Houston Rockets were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs by the Golden State Warriors in a 114-81 nailbiter. With Steph Curry watching from the sidelines, the Rockets somehow managed to look worse than ever.

Following the Rockets lose, James Harden was asked about Dwight Howard’s future:

[su_quote cite=”TheScore” url=”″]”I mean, ultimately it’s his decision,” Harden told reporters on Wednesday after their 4-1 series loss to the Golden State Warriors. “But you know obviously we love Big Fella here and I guess he’ll go back with his family and figure it out.”[/su_quote]

‘Obviously we love Big Fella’. Is that obvious? I’m pretty sure these two men haven’t spoken to each other in like 2 years. Why would they? What do they have to talk about? I honestly don’t think James Harden speaks to anyone.

Dwight Howard isn’t coming back to Houston and if he doesn’t, both the Rockets and Howard will be better off.

Bold prediction time: Dwight Howard is returning to Orlando. Run it back.

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