James Harden is the Worst Player in the NBA

On Thursday night, the Houston Rockets were eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs in an embarrassing fashion. They were blown out at home, 114-75, and the Spurs didn’t even have their star, Kawhi Leonard. Disgusting.

How did the Rockets lose Game 6? Because James Harden is the worst player in the NBA.

James Harden fouled out with just 10 points, 7 assists and 6 turnovers. Harden, who may win the MVP trophy, took just 11 shots. The Rockets went into the first half down 20 points and Harden took just 2 shots the entire half. You cannot be the most valuable player and only take 2 shots in a half of an elimination playoff game.

At the end of the day, I think I’m just more embarrassed by the fact that I kept telling everyone who would listen to me when I rambled about the Houston Rockets defeating the Golden State Warriors. Now I look like a fool. I’ve been duped.

I don’t know if Harden is injured or if he’s out of shape and couldn’t hang but he looked atrocious in back to back games. In Game 5, Harden couldn’t find the rim. Just awful 3-pointers that didn’t come close to the net. In Game 6, he refused to take shots.

James Harden is the worst player in the NBA.




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