James Dolan Is Getting Divorced And I Know I Shouldn’t Be Laughing Out Loud But I Am Laughing Out Loud

Billionaire MSG boss Jim Dolan and his wife, Kristin, have split after 15 years of marriage, they exclusively confirmed to Page Six.

“After much contemplation,” James and Kristin say that they have decided to separate.

They said in a statement: “While this decision was a difficult one, we have a great deal of regard for each other and will continue our relationship as business partners and co-parents. Our children remain the center of our lives and their well-being is our top priority. It is in this spirit that we sincerely ask that their privacy and the privacy of our family be respected during this transitional period in our lives.”

(NY Post)

Oh no, poor James Dolan. What type of person would I be if I rooted for this man’s life to fall apart because he has ruined my life with awful decisions as the owner of the New York Knicks? How petty would I be to mock this entitled weirdo who knows nothing about basketball?

I love love. It’s my favorite thing in the world. Actually, scratch that. The New York Knicks are my favorite thing in the world. Soooo BAHAHAHAHA James Dolan is getting divorced and I’m celebrating like the Knicks just won the NBA finals.

I hope Kristin gets the Knicks in the divorced. Get this spoiled rich dick the fuuuuuck out of the paint forever. He completely lost me when he banned Knicks legend, Charles Oakley, because Oakley may or may not have gone after Dolan in the stands to hurt him. Man up, my G.

Oh, if you’re not a Knicks fan and don’t hate him for all of the awful player signings and stupid trades, he also supported former head coach, Isiah Thomas, after he sexually harassed an MSG employee. Oh, James Dolan also donated a shit load of money to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

BAHAHAHAHA, James Dolan is going to die alone. My heart is smiling.





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