Jake Gyllenhaal Might Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

A new rumor indicates that Jake Gyllenhaal may once again be in contention for the role of Batman, if Ben Affleck steps down. Even more conflicting reports and rumors about Affleck’s future as the Caped Crusader have cropped up this week, ahead of the theatrical release of the latest DC comic book movie, Justice League. For the time being, however, an official decision on the matter has yet to be made.

While Affleck has indicated that he is uncertain about his future playing Batman, he has also said that he is “contemplating” starring in The Batman, aka. the solo Batman movie that Matt Reeves is now attached to direct. John Campea subsequently broke the that rumor that Reeves has a replacement Batman actor in mind for his own DC Comics adaptation. Now, Campea has revealed who said mystery candidate is, after initially refraining from doing so.

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The will they/won’t they relationship that Ben Affleck has with the role of Batman has pretty much frozen DC and Warner Bros and all of their plans for their shitty movie universe. They can’t even film a solo Batman movie because Ben Affleck is being a little fuckboy and he won’t commit long-term to the role. He’s really out here treating Batman like Jennifer Garner.

After watching Justice League, I am completely okay with Ben Affleck not coming back ever again. He wasn’t the worst part of the movie. He wasn’t the best part of the movie. He was just in the movie. The textbook definition of ‘replaceable’.

Bring in my man, Jake Gyllenhaal and let him do what he does best and show off the best parts of Batman, his paranoia and stalkerish obsession with crime. That’s what Gyllenhaal does best. It’s literally the reason why you hire him. He’s Donnie Darko. He’s Nightcrawler. No one plays a man on the edge of losing his mind better.

I don’t even think they need to make him Dick Grayson, the original Robin. DC can make a movie called ‘The Batman’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal and not explain why he looks different and I wouldn’t bat an eye[1. if that’s a pun then I truly apologize.].





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