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Jacoby Ellsbury Is Out For The Season After Playing 0 Games and Here’s Why You’re Allowed To Be Pissed

What Happened?

New York Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury will miss the remainder of the season after undergoing surgery Monday to repair a torn labrum in his left hip.

Ellsbury, who has been plagued by injuries since March and has been on the disabled list since the start of the season, is expected to recover from the arthroscopic procedure in six months.



Jacoby Ellsbury started spring training with an oblique injury then suddenly turned into a heel injury that kept him out of the start of the regular season that then magically transformed into a hip injury that now requires season-ending surgery to repair a torn labrum.


The 34-year old outfielder would have been perfect to have on the roster right now as Aaron Judge nurses a broken wrist and Giancarlo Stanton is currently suffering from a sore hamstring. I have not been shy about how I feel about Ellsbury but I know for a fact that no matter how disappointing he’s been the last couple of seasons, he’s better than Shane fucking Robinson who seems to be in the lineup every single night just looking goofy as hell out there.

Last week, Yankees announcer Michael Kay, got roasted on Twitter for calling out Clint Frazier and his concussion history. It’s a reaaal delicate time right now for people getting destroyed for calling out injured players.

Alex Rodriguez and Joe Maddon just got into a shouting match with each other before the Cubs Sunday Night Baseball game because A-Rod said Yu Darvish was trying hard enough to return from his injury.

The block is hot right now so bear with me.

Jacoby Ellsbury is different. Yes, it sucks that he’s in a full body cast and every time the wind blows on him, another ligament in his body snaps. That’s unfornate or whatever but you are totally still allowed to be pissed at him.

Ellsbury makes $21 million a season every year until 2022. Jesus.

He’s the highest paid player on the team and he hasn’t played a full season since 2016. Again, he couldn’t even make it on the field this year. It is very clear that Aaron Hicks is the Yankees centerfielder as he is currently one of the best centerfielders in all of baseball both offensively and defensively and he isn’t getting a torn labrum repaired right now.

It’s not necessarily Jacoby’s fault that the Yankees gave him a Brinks truck of money. Good for him for getting that stupid contract. Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Congrats, JACOB.

The real problem is that the Yankees also decided to give him a no-trade clause which reared it’s ugly head this past offseason when the Yankees gave the job to Aaron Hicks and tried to ship Ellsbury to San Francisco.

It was reported that there was very much a deal in place for Ellsbury to San Fran. The Giants were about to swallow that awful contract and free the Yankees from the tyranny of this brittle old man who appeared in 6 playoff games last year and racked up a grand total of 0 hits. Clutch.

Ellsbury, being the bitch ass that he is, didn’t want to waive his no-trade clause because he thought he could beat out Hicks for the centerfield job. If you’re reading this then you are living in the future where you know that did not happen.

It sucks that Ellsbury is hurt or whatever but you are allowed to hate him because he should be on the Giants destroying their payroll right now instead of pulling this heist on the Yankees.

He looked around and saw that the Yankees just acquired the National League MVP onto a team that was 1 game away from the World Series in 2017 and chose to turn down a trade because he wanted to ride Aaron Judge’s coattails to a championship even though he knew his bones were turning to dust.

BOOOOO, Jacoby.



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