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It’s Time To Address The Elon Musk Grimes Relationship

Elon Musk is a piece of shit. It’s important that no matter what is said in this Elon Musk Grimes hate article is followed by that stated fact. Elon Musk is a piece of shit. He’s a billionaire internet troll who, despite being 48 years old, has the social intelligence of a kindergartener that sits alone at lunch because he’s a weirdo that keeps turning his eyelids inside out.

He’s the type of asshole that supports the people protesting against statewide lockdown because he believes it’s a violation of our constitutional rights even though the real reason these people are demanding that the government re-open is so that they can go back to posting photos online of the Starbucks barista spelling their names wrong on their cups with captions like ‘ugh, it’s ASHLY not ASHLEY, you fucking idiots’ as they get zero retweets, three Likes from dudes that want to bang them and one comment like ‘you should get your money back’ written by another dude that wants to bang them.

Here’s a quick pro tip: if you’re ever on the same side of an argument as a tech billionaire then you’re on the wrong side of an argument.

We should be angry at our government over their mishandling of this pandemic but we should be mad at the fact that citizens need economic relief and rent cancellations and delays on student loan payments but all we’ll get is a $1,200 check one time while companies like Tesla will get billion dollar bailouts.

And maybe Elon Musk and his pale sunken sickly awful looking face should remove himself from all pandemic related discussions after vowing that his company would send thousands of ventilators to hospitals last month but instead, sent a bunch of sleep apnea machines. This is the idiot that’s going to bring us to Mars? Are we 1000% sure he knows that Mars is a whole ass other planet?

And I forgot to mention that he was ridding for Donald Trump’s miracle drug, chloroquine, without there being ANY medical trials or real research in its effects on COVID patients.

Just a remarkably irresponsible piece of shit. 76,000 Americans have died from Coronavirus. 76fuckingthousand. This is not the time to smoke cheap weed with Joe Rogan and act like this is some conspiracy by the Illuminati to shut down Cheesecake Factory. We are dying and one of the richest men in the country with unlimited resources is being an internet troll for lolz.

Which brings me to his relationship with Grimes and their stupid baby.

Elon Musk and Grimes have decided to name their newborn baby X Æ A-12 Musk, a name that I had no idea how to type and had to copy and paste and a name that I refuse to Google the pronunciation of it because I’m sure it’s something like ‘Daniel’ or whatever.

I don’t necessarily even want to get into the baby name because there is nothing about Grimes that would have led me to believe that she was ever going to bring life onto this Earth and name it Julie. You know how Eve was made from Adam’s rib? Grimes was made from the DMT that was released from Adam’s brain when he died.

I want to talk about the explanation of the name:

X, the unknown variable. Of course. Say no more.

Grimes using the elven spelling of anything isn’t surprising considering her appearance that I’ve tried not to make fun of in this article but just know that I think she looks like *sigh* she looks the way she looks.

A-12 to represent their favorite aircraft is WILD. I haven’t been in a relationship in quite some time but I don’t recall ever sharing a favorite aircraft with any of my former partners. Hasn’t even come up let alone compromising on our favorite but perhaps that’s on me.

And then this happened:

Look at this human 4Chan commenter needing to ‘well, actually’ the woman who just had his child within the last 24 hours which made me realize that this is what their entire relationship must be. Elon Musk found a subservient little girl who likes when he shares month old memes and corrects her minuscule mistakes.

What an exhausting existence that must be, unless you’re Grimes in which you find Elon’s bullshit to be cute or charming or some shit.

These two attention-starved sociopaths deserve each other. Let’s just hope this child doesn’t grow up to be a weird submissive pixie like its mother or an irresponsible immature internet troll like its bitchass father.





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