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It’s Time For The New York Knicks To Unleash Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina

The New York Knicks have 8 wins and 20 losses right now. They are 12th in the Eastern Conference and their star player, Kristaps Porzingis, is out for the season nursing a torn ACL.

Let’s just go ahead and assume that the Knicks are missing the playoffs.

But the problem is that David Fizdale seems to think they playing ‘veterans’ like Mario Hezonja and Trey Burke over teenagers Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina gives him the best chance to win.

Fuck wins.

Earlier this week, the New York Knicks lost 119-107 in a game that wasn’t close at any point but what made this game stand out as one of the best games of the season is that Knox and Ntilikina were actually allowed on the court.

Knox played 41 minutes and dropped 26 points with 15 rebounds with Frank scored 18 points in 20 minutes and for once, looked confident offensively.

Frank Ntilikina sat out 3 games in a row for no reason other than David Fizdale saying he had to ‘earn minutes’ which is strange considering he is the objectively the best perimeter defender which is almost entirely due to his effort while Tim Hardaway Jr lets every guy he’s defending take a jolly ol’ stroll to the rim whenever they like.

But he returned to the rotation and scored 18 points in an 8 minute span. If Fizdale wants points from Ntilikina then he’s got them. Frank’s biggest obstacle might be getting playing time over Courtney Lee as they are clearly trying to display him to potential trade partners.

With Allonzo Trier, THJ and Trey Burke all getting buckets, I can somewhat understand why its tough to get Frank on the court, especially when you add needing to throw Courtney Lee out there with a yard sale sign around his neck and I haven’t even mentioned Emmanuel Mudiay developing into an actual starting point guard in this league.

But what is the excuse for not letting Kevin Knox cook?

26 points and 15 boards. Those are All-Star numbers. I haven’t been shy about the fact that I love Mario Sauce Zonja. He murdered Giannis and then Milly Rocked on his grave. 

But I’m 1000% okay with never seeing him in a Knicks jersey ever again if it means Knox gets to prove why he’s better than Luka Doncic and deserving of the Rookie of the Year.

It’s time to focus the development on guys who will actually be in the Knicks future. Mudiay, Hezonja, Kanter, Burke, all of these guys are on 1-year deals. The Knicks don’t need to go out of their way to get them paid this summer. Fuck them. 

Unleash Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina.





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