It’s Rodney Hood’s World and We’re All Lucky To Live In It

The Portland Trailblazers Denver Nuggets played a 4 overtime Game 3 that didn’t end with Damian Lillard waving buh-bye to Denver or CJ McCollum hitting a game-winning floater.

Nope, a new hero emerged.

Enter Rodney Hood.

After three straight overtimes with pretty much no substitutions outside of Denver having to replace Gary Harris after he fouled it, Portland finally made a move to their bench to bring Rodney Hood’s fresh legs out there and Hood showed and proved.

Real quick, before we call Terry Stotts a genius for this brilliant chess move, he didn’t really have a choice. Mo Harkless’s leg cramped up to the point where he wasn’t even running up and down the floor anymore.

But back to Hood dropping 19 points in 24 minutes on 6-for-8 shooting and 2-for-3 from behind the arch. He scored 7 of Portland’s final 9 points to seal the game and go up 2-1 in the semifinals.

Pray for Nikola Jokic for played 65 minutes. Jokic played an hour and five minutes. This man is out of breath jogging out of the tunnel in the pre-game and he was out there on his hands and knees gasping for oxygen.

Thank you, Rodney Hood, for taking Jokic out of his misery. It’ll all be over soon, big fella. The Blazers are about to get the Nuggets up out of here. Soon you will be free to star in more Mucinex commercials.

Also quick shout out to LeBron James for complaining that his roster in Cleveland wasn’t good enough even though Hood just put up 19 in a playoff game and George Hill scored 21 in a Bucks jersey while LeBron watches from home.

It’s almost as if they weren’t the problem but the overbearing ‘leader’ who didn’t let anyone around him actually play and the head coach that reinforced that playing style, were actually the problem.

Good thing LeBron and Ty Lue are about to be reunited in Los Angeles. Can’t wait until we spend all year complaining about how bad Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram are only for them to thrive on playoff teams once they get to leave LeBron.

Rodney Hood SZN.


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