It’s Only January and James Blake Already Dropped The Best Song of 2019

Over the weekend, James Blake dropped his new album ‘Assume Form’ and maybe I’ll write a full review of it but who knows? I’m a busy man over here at Deadseriousness HQ. Animal Planet might drop their own Fyre Festival doc any minute now. I’m on call.

Before I talk about James Blake, I need to first pay homage to the gawd, Metro Boomin. You KNEW Metro was serious as hell when this track didn’t start with his typical ‘Metro Boomin want some more nigga’ or ‘if young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot’.

Metro Boomin can make anyone sound like a legend on his beats. From 21 Savage to Migos to Thug and now James Blake. Metro beats are like when the Sonic the Hedgehog goes Super Sonic and gets invincibility. Super relevant reference. Seeeeegaaaaa.

Travis Scott is BACK to his old Rodeo days back when he was begging ‘don’t you open up that window, don’t you let out that antidote’ which is PEAK Travis. Astro World is good or whatever but he was the king of the autotune talk-singing verses a few years ago.

And then moody ass James Blake comes in perfectly on this Metro beat. James Blake is so good at that low-fi, new wave, sad boy shit. The type of sad boy that will pout all day long but won’t actually tell you what’s wrong unless you ask him directly and it’s always somehow your fault. My kind of music.

Thank you James Blake for dropping the song of the year. Now onto listening to Future’s new album and doing my weight in coke and texting a girl I 1000% do not miss ‘I miss you’ and then ignoring whatever her response is. The usual.




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