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It’s Insane That Gerrit Cole Isn’t a New York Yankee Right Now

Sooo, it’s 2018. It’s a brand new year. Anddd for whatever reason, Gerrit Cole isn’t in pinstripes yet. I am shocked. From what I can gather, when Brian Cashman calls you up for a trade, you say yes. That’s just how it goes. Pittsburgh is playing hard to get for a pitcher that isn’t even that great.

Last season, Cole went 12-12 in 33 starts. Sooo, we’re already starting from a Matt Harvey level of AVERAAAGE. He had an ERA of 4.26 while giving up the second most home runs in the National League with 31. 31 times he threw a beach ball down the middle and watched a hitter punch one into the bleachers. 31 times.

He was also in the top 10 for walks per innings pitched. Have I made it clear yet that Gerrit Cole had no idea where his pitches were going to go when they left his hand? Wildthing Cole over here is somehow being treated like he won the Cy Young award last season. He did not, if you can imagine.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are asking for Gleyber Torres, who is the number one prospect in baseball. The Yankees would be acquiring the 5th starter in his rotation and giving up their future all-star second baseman in exchange. Get OUTTTTT of here, Pittsburgh. BOOOO.

I guess I shit all over Gerrit Cole and I should probably explain why he’s even worth all of this trouble.

First of all, Cole led the National League in starts last season. It’s impossible to keep a 5-man rotation healthy for a 162 game season. There will without a doubt be an arm injury that shuts a guy down for Tommy John surgery. That’s just how it is these days.

Having a workhorse like Cole is HUGE with CC Sabathia turning 86-years old this year and Masahiro Tanaka’s elbow being attached by yarn.

In 2015, Gerrit Cole finished 4th in Cy Young votes and even received an MVP vote, which is dumb, but it still happened. It’s on the resume. And it is dumb. He was an absolute monster three seasons ago. Why not add him to the rotation. It would literally be the same risk/reward as trading for Sonny Gray last season.

There are so many former Aces joining this rotation that it’s INSANE that Gerrit Cole isn’t on the New York Yankees right now.

Stop being little bitches, Pittsburgh.




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