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It’s February and Aaron Judge is Already Injured…Kill Me…Kill Me Dead

Spring Training hasn’t even begun yet and Aaron Judge is being kept out of the laziest simplest preseason warmups due to soreness in his shoulder. Aaron Judge joins James Paxton as two major players on the 26-man roster who are already hurt before a single game has been played.


Here’s what Judge said about his shoulder falling off:

“It probably started a couple weeks ago, when I first got down here. I’ve been hitting since early November, and working out since early November. Once I got down here, hit on the field, hitting outside I just felt a little soreness up in the shoulder,’’ 

Last year the Yankees set a new Major League record for the most players placed on the Injured List and needed to bring in a brand new training staff to prevent players from getting scurvy and missing months at a time with small papercuts.

And this new training staff has determined that Aaron Judge can’t even take a light batting practice day one. So now that we can’t blame the trainers, do we now have to face the reality that Aaron Judge is just broken?

Last season, Judge appeared in only 102 games after missing 54 games with an oblique injury. He still managed to slash .272/.381/.540 with 27 bombs and 55 RBIs. The year prior, Judge only played 112 games after getting hit by on a pitch on the wrist.

The broken wrist sounds like a fluke injury but at some point there’s a difference between an initial injury and one’s ability to recover from that injury and some people just have a lower threshold for pain.

How many players do you think walked into camp with bum shoulders and are playing through it with no problem because they can simply handle it better?

This shoulder shit is clearly precautionary and these Spring Training games don’t really matter but at the same time, if Judge starts the season slumping with no ability to catch up with fastballs, we’re going to look bad at him missing Spring Training as the cause of his slow start.

What if Aaron Judge is just…broken?

RIP me.







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